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Although clinical outcomes depend on multiple factors, including doctor skill and experience as well as the individual complexity of each patient, we believe that using state of the art equipment enables us to achieve the best results of which we are capable..

City Dental digital X-ray

Digital X-Rays

One of the most significant advancements in last years is development of a digital X-ray technology. In this form of examination digital sensor is used instead of traditional film. One of the biggest advantages comparing to conventional techniques is a significantly lower radiation level. Images are ready for viewing within seconds, they are saved electronically as a part of your records and are easy to share with other dental practitioners if necessary.
Special dental imaging software allows to examine picture under different modes: magnification, colouring, measuring, highlighting and so on. All those advantages enabling your dentist to do better and earlier diagnosis as well as to show you all his/her findings on a computer screen for your information and education.
Also, this technology is environmentally friendly because it is eliminating use of chemicals and films.


Intraoral Camera

This device can take pictures right inside your mouth. We can take extremely close view wherever we need to. We can save the picture for future reference or comparison. It also can help you understand your problems for making decisions about your treatment options.


Magnification Power

In dentistry we think in fractions of a millimetre. Delivering precision dentistry requires visual accuracy. At City Dental we use loupes for simpler procedures, and we are proud to have a dental microscope. Mostly, it is used for more complicated procedures. It is allowing for better accuracy, for delivering higher standard of care.


LED Fast Curing Lights

Those are handheld devices that harden dental materials. Contemporary materials used for fillings and cementations contain light sensitive components what being exposed to a high intensity blue light trigger transformation of those materials to a very hard solid durable set. These materials are technique sensitive, so better light means better cure and less generation of heat.

City Dental Clinic Toronto, Dr. Victoria Klitovchenko infection control

Infection Control

At City Dental, we take sterilisation very seriously. We know that spread of infectious diseases /AIDS, hepatitis, herpes even a cold/is on everybody’s mind. For this reason, we have adopted latest infection control techniques. We use disposable masks and gloves and change them between every patient. All surfaces and every piece of equipment are wiped down with disinfectant in each operatory prior to each patient. Large quantities of instruments and handpieces ensure turnaround time for sterilisation.