Restorative Treatment (Fillings)

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What are they and indications:

If you’ve been told that you have a cavity (also called “caries” or “dental decay”), you will need a filling (also called a “restoration”) performed by one of our dentists. Caries typically show up as dark shadows on an x-ray, or as soft/sticky spots in teeth. You can have caries forming either on your tooth surface, or under an old crown/filling. A cavity is essentially bacteria eating away and degrading your tooth. This bacteria/decay needs to be removed, and a filling put in.


Post-Operative Sensitivity: Although this is relatively rare, your tooth may be sensitive for up to 2 weeks after having a filling. Most of the time, the sensitivity resolves on its own. If your sensitivity is persistent, or is waking you up at night, please do not wait and give us a call immediately, as this is a sign that you may require a root canal.

Root Canal: If you have been told that your cavity/filling is deep and/or close to the dental nerve, it is possible that your dental nerve may become inflamed after a filling and will need to be removed. See Root Canal Treatment for more details.


How long can I wait before getting my cavities fixed?
It is always better to fix small problems before they become bigger. Waiting too long can result in your cavity becoming larger and closer to the nerve, which increases the risk of dental nerve irritation and the need for Root Canal Treatment or Extraction.

How long do fillings last?
This largely depends on your oral hygiene and how well you take care of your teeth and dental work. Well-maintained fillings can last well over 7-10 years. Some fillings near the gum-line may need more frequent replacement. If you neglect your dental work, cavities may start forming under your fillings and you will need to replace them much sooner (or possibly need more extensive treatments such as a Root Canal or Extraction).

Should I replace my silver (amalgam) fillings with white (composite) ones?
If your silver fillings are in good condition, there is no need to replace them unless you don’t like the way they look. However, at City Dental we only place white (composite) fillings.